Overthink everything.

Trying to figure out what to do with my life. I'm not always going to make the right decisions, but I sure as hell am gonna make the most out of them.

When a person is clubbed violently on the head, he collapses and stops breathing. Some day, he will stop breathing anyway. Murder simply hastens a bit what God will eventually see to on His own. God, it may be assumed, took murder into account; He did not take surgery into account. He never suspected that someone would dare to stick his hand into the mechanism He had invented, wrapped carefully in skin, and sealed away from human eyes.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera

Abstain from feels!!! Hahaha

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Feels night HAHAHA

The crash is worth the high. Especially when it comes to you.

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“My Feelings”

It’s a feels-y day today, I guess.


“Many Nickels”



So… inspirational anglerfish posters. Sometimes I wonder about the things my brain comes up with in the middle of the night. (But most of those times I’m just like: Meh. There’s worse ways to procrastinate. Ima do dis.)

(side note: because the colours in these tend to scratch at the borders of being visible/invisible, I’m not quite sure how readable posters 1+2 will be for you or how well the tilt-your-screen-effect on the third one (which, in printed form, would be a more/less shiny black than the background) will work. Just bear with me.)




Same old story

HAHAHA yeaaaaaah :(

Ginusto ko to eh? HAHAHUHU


Ninfia sprite is by Kyle-Dove on DeviantArt. The other sprites are HGSS over worlds.

I uploaded it with a 500px transparent width so Tumblr wouldn’t stretch it and make the sprites look terrible, but here is the small version without the extra transparent pixels on the sides.

Eeveelutions!!! HAHAHA brb fanboying

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Any Eevee news is good news to me!!! :D

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